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Our founder Brian and all of our guest instructors are here to help inspire both you and your practice. Since our styles are diverse, we encourage you do come try a variety of classes and events. Jill Michel brings an deep intuitive connection to our work at Neolyth.

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About Us

Brian McGuire has been studying Celtic history and mythology for 25+ years and has formed a deep and true connection with the heroes and heroines. As a result these images come to him while he is in the journey space. Brian has also studied Buddhism, Vedic and Native American traditions and feels that the connection between them all transcends individual cultures, traditions and lineages. It is this thought that resonates with him and in his work. No matter what culture you embrace or connections you make, Shamanism is a practice that can help you get to a deeper sense of self. 


Jill Michel L.M.T.

Jill is a New Jersey State licensed massage therapist, with over 25 years of experience specializing in cranial sacral therapy, myofascial release, somatic therapy, focusing with touch, energy reparation and energy repatterning. Jill has studied with teachers from all over the world experiencing different forms of healing which she brings through in her practice. She treats clients in all stages of life including newborns, adolescents, teens, adults and seniors. She is also a sound healer and leads groups into deep states of relaxation, healing and integration using guided meditation and the healing tones of the crystal bowls harmonically and using binaural repatterning. Driven by her own longing for healing and to live from a place of wholeness, her life has been devoted to her own journey of returning home to herself. She has great understanding and experience using deep states of listening and healing in a way that allows her clients to feel safe and supported, which in turn unlocks the energy connected to their stories that are keeping them from living the life they choose to live, one of freedom, wholeness and empowerment.If I were asked to choose one word to encompass what I do it would be ‘’connection’’. I assist others in connecting to their own internal guidance, their own hearts and this universe in a way that feels like home again, where we are truly ‘’connected ‘’in the unified field of oneness. And when we live from this place there is true healing and thriving, but first we must re-member. J.M.

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We're a unique meditation studio dedicated to connecting our community through philosophy and spiritual practice which is available to everyone.

Shamanism is a spiritual practice about finding our individual connection to our Gods or Goddess's, whomever they may be. It's not a religion but a belief  and philosophy that will get us in touch with ourselves  and our subconscious mind. Through meditation,         experiential work and Shamanic journeys we are able to empower ourselves and unlock our hidden mysteries.  We gain a better understanding of our place and meaning in the world.

     Being a shaman is about being a go-between with this world and the spirit world for your community, your family and yourself. It is a role you can consciously take on though some people through the years would find   themselves thrust into the position. Whatever the    reason or purpose, as shamans we are to be translators of Spirit, Conduits of energy and Medicine people for our tribes and communities.

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