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Owner and Instructor

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Neolyth 'creed'
Say you deeply care:
About your soul, about your life, about your future,
You feel ready for the life experience that is rich and worth your while,
Prepared and spiritually nourished - by practice, meditation, and meaning;
You do what you do thoughtfully, in your own natural way,
and bearing for now with your restless feelings or unsettled mind,
You’re venturing out of your old self - from before you found the path,
with energy and focus measured for no less than a steep climb...
safe and assured on your spiritual mountain hike;
Traveling from base camps to summits;
Goals marked by the strength of your soul;
Your ears filled with the sound of prayer flags,
Sending out a message:
the love and the strength
you found
along your mountain path…

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Brian McGuire has been studying Celtic history and mythology for 25+ years and has formed a deep and true connection with the heroes and heroines. As a result these images come to him while he is in the journey space. Brian has also studied Buddhism, Vedic and Native American traditions and feels that the connection between them all transcends individual cultures, traditions and lineages. It is this thought that resonates with him and in his work. No matter what culture you embrace or connections you make, Shamanism is a practice that can help you get to a deeper sense of self. 

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Karuna Ma, Seichim and Reiki master teacher, sound healer, massage therapist, continues her family tradition of healing. Her practice includes: Bhakti Yoga, chanting, Shamanism, divination, sacred storytelling, and sound healing - all are rituals and ceremonies designed for mending, weaving, and unfolding of one's Soul. 

Together with her partner Brian McGuire, Karuna co-facilitates events at Neolyth center for meditation, healing, shamanism, and the celebration of Earth based spirituality.

Our founder Brian and Karuna and all of our guest instructors are here to help inspire both you and your practice. Since our styles are diverse, we encourage you do come try a variety of classes and events.


We're a unique meditation studio dedicated to connecting our community through philosophy and spiritual practice which is available to everyone.